Bitwise Launches Three New Cryptocurrency Market Index Funds
  • Fri 08,2018
    Why wait for an ETF? Bitwise Index Services, a subsidiary of Bitwise Asset Management, has announced the launch of three new indexes covering the mid-cap, small-cap, and total-market segments of the crypto market, as well as the renaming of its HOLD 10 In
Coinhive Mints Quarter Million Dollars in Monero a Month, Report Reveals
  • Fri 08,2018
    Тhe profitability of cryptocurrency mining is decreasing on the backdrop of this year’s persistently bearish markets but Coinhive seems to be doing pretty well. The browser-based miner has earned a quarter million dollars worth of monero in just one month
Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH
  • Fri 08,2018
    A Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is offering loans secured by three cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, and ETH. Clients can borrow up to 300 million yen (~$2.7 million) at varying interest rates. The company has also established a subsidiary
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